A day in my shoes (and slippers!)

I do not use the term “Stay-at-Home Mom” (SAHM) for myself. I don’t consider myself a stay-at-home mom because I rarely stay home! We are usually out and about every day. Even though I am not going in to work at an office building anymore (been there, done that!), my Mondays through Fridays are typically pretty scheduled and routine.

I start my day around 8am with a smile. Seriously. Since I had my daughter, I don’t remember a morning where she doesn’t wake up and start singing or playing her music or laughing in her crib, and it just makes me smile. My husband and I usually argue over which one of us gets to go in there and see her first. We eat breakfast, give kisses goodbye to him, and then we are out the door by 9am. Our 930am Stroller Strides class has become very routine. I get a good hour-long full body workout and Zara gets to eat snacks in the stroller. She is now at the age where she likes to get out of the stroller at the end of class, and even though she is not quite walking on her own yet, she really wants to run around with the other kids!


By 11am, we are back home and Zara is in her crib for a two-hour nap. This is usually when I get my shower in and get some work done on my computer. (More about my work-from-home marketing job in another post!) After Zara wakes up, we eat lunch together in the kitchen, and since she takes longer to eat than I do, I get all of the clean dishes put away and the dishwasher re-loaded with the breakfast and lunch stuff. I like having a clean kitchen prepped and ready for the next meal!

Our afternoons are then spent doing various things. Sometimes we have errands to run. Sometimes I have outside-the-house work to do, which she accompanies me on (my favorite little marketing assistant!). Sometimes we meet friends for a walk or hike if the weather is nice. Other times we meet friends for play dates at the various little kid play areas that I had no idea even existed before I became a mom. Or if it’s just the two of us, we’ll walk to the park or play in our play room. Whatever we’re doing, we’re moving and being active and having fun!


During Zara’s late afternoon nap, I either get more work done, tidy up the playroom (I look forward to the day where she helps with this – she’s still in the phase of preferring to unpack everything), or put away the groceries or other goodies we got on our errands. I’ve learned that a big part of keeping an organized house is putting things back in their place right away, rather than waiting to do a big clean later.

By the time Zara wakes up from her second nap, my husband is home and they are SO EXCITED to see each other. It is very cute and sweet. They have some alone play time together while I get dinner ready. Then it is all family time for a couple of hours – dinner, more play, and Z’s bedtime routine. She is in bed by 8pm. After about 6 months of waking up through the night, she is back to 12 full hours of sleep every night – 8pm to 8am. It’s wonderful.


My husband and I then spend some alone time together and then he heads to bed earlier than I do. He takes longer to fall asleep, whereas I’m out as soon as I lay down. So after he goes to bed, I make sure the dishwasher is loaded and started and all of the rooms are tidied up for the next day. Then it’s time for me-time: I read my book, catch up on my shows, do some blogging, and usually enjoy a treat – either a glass of wine, a Stella, or my current treat because I’m pregnant, a bowl of chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

That’s my typical Monday through Friday. I do not miss the office routine AT ALL. Sure, we don’t have as much money to spend on frivolous fun things anymore (yet – we will again someday!), but our house is clean and organized, our baby is happy and thriving, and our marriage is stronger than ever. Bring on the next baby! I’m ready for the challenge. 🙂

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